Peter Joseph – When Normality Becomes Distortion – YouTube

Peter Joseph – When Normality Becomes Distortion – YouTube.

As perception requires a readjustment, the mind which is programmed to react on a  pre-programmed conceptual fashion, the mind does not actually understand reality but rather justifies it. therefore on a realm where reality is not actually perceive but rather thought of, facts certainly become facts and what the mind has perceive as real becomes a fiction; reason why science fiction often becomes reality.  this half real world in which humans exist becomes a land of struggle between what is imprinted on the mind and what is actually there, in fact minds often miss what is actually there but rather perceive what is memorize  construct, reason and justified. once that justification is taken as facts the mind construct it as truth, meanwhile truth is far away from the minds concept. concepts somehow are modified and reconstruct into new answers to old concepts; however they are only an illusion from what facts are as the new concepts are just a repulsion of the previous one, such as faith and atheism, sexuality and homo sexuality, the mind rather than find truth finds a paradox of that truth, such as god and evil, evil being the opposite of god, and vice-verse. reality in fact is a whole an eternal now, by which from atoms we became to atoms we transform, or from dust to form and from form to dust. however what is real is not the transformation from one form to another but rather the timeless essence. we can say hypothetically that it is the dark matter the  plateau of  balance that exist where all we happen to know rest upon. meaning that what keeps us as one unit, what brings those small particles to unite and disperse is the dark matter on our universe, the dark matter in this context become a timeless pool table of infinite dimensions. the process to perceive this dark matter exist inside us as reality and illusions are both part of us, illusion is the search for reality and reality becomes the fact that we miss to perceive. art becomes one of the important means to perceive reality on its proper form.



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