Why is Facebook Manipulating Your Emotions?

Social media giant forced to apologize for mass psychological experiment.

Source: www.infowars.com

facebook world:  well alex jones if you get the 1 billions user of facebook and twitter to follow you. or just act together as one; join a cause all of them! you CAN dismount the FED, and NATO and collapse all this wars. and save america. a one billions of facebook world users can give a big whammy it can do a lot of harm as well a lot of good. tangle with google and get them to join in. this one billion folks can indeed change the scenario and in the end you can defeat the NWO. as the facebook world is a lot of power once is organize. more effective than CNN and fox news blend together. it will take you at least a month to gather this one billion users across the globe. time is ripe just one item that links them all and is over. bitcoin will cooperate. networks will join in just be clear simple and a definite objective. 


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