If Russia is Ukraine’s enemy then why are 1.2 million Ukrainian men seeking refuge in Russia? – Red Pill Times

Ukrainian men of conscription age are seeking refuge in Russia in numbers that increased by 20,000 in one week, the press service of the Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) said on Monday. Who is invading who?

Source: redpilltimes.com

the rafale is an old plane useless too old scraped, is useless..!! sorry for being truthful but facts are facts. good for egypt but not good for a strong nation..!! however AIPAC wants death to all of us: so russia begun killing europeans as this is the plan made by AIPAC CONGRESS: destroy europe have another holocaust made by AIPAC blame the arabs and destroy the middle east europe and asia, once that done we shall destroy america and die for ever happy:: and long live the queen. how to destroy europe ask NATO WALL STREET AND AIPAC, and as the currency wars expand and europe has a third front, the collapse of europe is unavoidable unless they exit the NATO MURDER REGIME…!!

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