An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

Miko Peled is from a famous and influential Israeli Zionist family and was born in Jerusalem. Miko’s father was a famous general in the Israeli army. Miko to…

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wake up Lavrov NATO is terrorisme, they love rituals have a pic at Mc Cain he said himself send weapons to kill Russians no différent than his father and the murdering of the liberty ship "1967"  and Kennedy’s murder it is the us government that killed Kennedy rockefellers son’s same medicine:  Americans are not educated it is not a culture, they exist on a schizophrenic realm, "good and evil blend into ONE, they love human rights at the same time they hate human rights.  they are barbarians, hope by now you understand that in 1492 Europe send criminals not pilgrims to kill murder and destroy, everyone in sight without regret: today those murders are what you call the american government.  Americans they exist on a dual personality just like G W BUSH the psychopath. this fact exist since 1492, you cannot heal them, Noah Chomsky a linguistic and woody Allen, and many other are not exceptions it is on their own programming, just like your computer "they were already programmed to murder as psychopaths:  from 1492 and you cannot cure this beast, you cannot civilize them. reason why we got brave new world and 1984. american English does not exist, do you know anyone that speaks German Hebrew, let me know.  so wake up you are set or to evolve or to destroy each others there is no way out you are already programmed from 1900. nuclear weapons exist just for that purpose or the human race evolves or they Will disappear.  NATO is = to ISIS Daesh today. so you have being warn once again, do not trust any member of NATO including France. and even less Washington they are not human they just intelectual robots with faulty programming. sorry about the 1900 past programming,  that was the only choice because of the circumstances and Zionism Jews:  reason why the grand israel is 1967 borders for israel: or humanity evolve or it disappears. 1967 borders for israel and FRANCE OUT OF NATO only way to evolve, otherwise is the end, nature is including his force used speed up or the disaster as earthquakes and climat disasters or the revival: "YOUR CHOISE"

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