OTAN : Comment Sarkozy trahit de Gaulle – YouTube

Roger Waters, speaking on behalf of the Russell Tribunal, delivers a very nicely put speech in front of delegates on International Day of Solidarity with the…

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

Balfour gave Israël to the Rothschild to ensure the power of the English language on the middle East, Israël Is as fact a british colony same as Washington :  and always will be, america the other colony has  english as language : Shakespeare language not hébreu, the american colony is just the police the army, of the grand british empire something that israel cannot be, and  never will achieve as america today is a colony the real global exchange currency is call the english language. not rothschild money empire $:  give me control of the money is a joke:  better say give me control of the language and i will show you who is KING. 
to be or not to be is the current instability: show me an equilibrated politician i will show you an equilibrated nation. 

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