Reckless Turkey

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"GRAND ISRAEL" PLOT: EPISODE 1: it is simple the idea is to have Muslims kill each others so the grand Israel can be put in place: this is achieve first by having Europe forced to become Zionist via the holocaust industry guiltiness, and moral ideologies: the strategy is war between chiite & Sunni encourage them to kill each others which is the purpose of DAESH "made by "AIPAC usa” this is done by imposing a dictator call him a democracy and at the same time create an Arab spring, colour revolutions; that will put away the dictator we implanted as democracy “SYRIA FOR INSTANCE” main media propaganda fuels the war chiite & Sunni, destroying all habitat and force Sunni & chiite to become refugees, Europeans forced to hate refugees = DAESH create terrorism in Europe. Europeans become crusaders against all Muslims, in Europe and abroad. The grand Israel takes shape: involve Iran demonize Iran to inflame more hate against Muslims. France main target of destruction by Israel AIPAC usa, as they have many Muslims. War of civilization encourage by Le Pen Israeli soldier. As the purpose is creating more hate against Muslims same goes in America until all Muslim are label as terrorist: second stage of the grand Israel: collapse of democratic government’s in Europe and impose dictators to fight Muslims nationalism, Europe destroy itself by crazy wars, nations become incoherent, and ISRAEL dominates European politics and finances via AIPAC dollar as reserve currency FED”. The economy of Europe collapses Le pen blames refugees and Muslims calls them immigrants and fuels civil war in France. Anti-Semitism becomes the weapon against truth. AIPAC FRANCE creates war in Ukraine, second front while Israel kill’s Palestinians and finances DAESH. This creates inner wars in Europe that mix with Muslims wars created by Israel will further confuse the continent. Europe collapses Israel becomes the sole stable dictatorship and calls himself a democracy/


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