Russia stabs Turkey in the stomach

Russia has taken restrictive economic measures against Turkey

Sourced through from:

the grand israel/ plot:  sarkozy -BHL:  invades libya to create havoc and DAESH eastern front for syria: DAESH ISIS: become a partner of syrian rebels to destroy syria, simultaneously create an inner war between muslims for the benefit of ISRAEL: . DAESH enemy is syrian government. NATO FRANCE USA ISRAEL support ISIS DAESH and call them syrian rebels: purpose destroy syria and create further havoc between muslims, excuse "democracy" aim destruction of europe via refugees, terrorism, and turn europe into a copycat of israel "palestine" purpose label all arabs as terrorist: terrorism made by NATO: result french innocent citizens die for israel NATO: french AND NATO continue the destruction of europe via grand Israel ideology civil war in europe, end of europe, beginning of grand israel the dictatorial regime "portrayed  by main media as democracy: victims the 99%. simple ::: facts for you. 

See on Scoop.itartkey the alternative search engine


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