‘Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain,’ warns Theresa May

The Home Secretary said she never thought she would see the day when Jews were frightened to stay in the UK, speaking at an event to commemorate those who died in the Paris terror attacks.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.dailymail.co.uk

Jeremy to defeat the grand ISRAEL which is AIPAC terrorism, ISIS, American congress operation Gladio and financial gangsters, the city of London financial district, the FED in America and the ECB euro bank in Brussels, IMF world Bank “petrodollars” you need the Queen, this problem begun in 1776, however you must understand the whole not just 1789 French revolution.  Jews have gone up and down since the death of Christ 2015 years ago, there is a reason for that (up) they behave as expected, (down), they misbehave this fact is automatic:  from William the conqueror to HITLER the pendulum goes up and down, there is also a why. However, the grand Israel is misbehaving. As defense of their treachery they have the American congress Washington politicians the $ as reserve currency, which is petrodollars, “now you understand the Saudi coalition and the UNITED NATIONS. it is urgent, the grand Israel is collapsing, reason why the 1967 scheme made in Washington AIPAC did not work, it could not work anyhow.  in 2001 G W BUSH launched the next wave of terror to kill British citizens as well Americans, it did not work for the grand Israel, today 2015, you are still on this grand Israeli scheme and now they are destroying Europe. The grand Israel is closer to 1967 borders than it’s hope next week to Jerusalem.  Reason is down time for Jews and Israeli misbehavior, you can link to De Gaulle’s 1967 borders for Israel proposition which is the other option, or the Queen of England destroys the Belfour declaration and kicks all Jews out of Israel or you get the suggestion of de Gaulle’s 1967 borders, Israel, simpler and more practical. ISRAEL has reached its uptime, so to avoid a recurrence of history 1967 borders is a good option. 

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