ISIS, CIA, Saudi & Israel Connections with Wayne Madsen

ISIS, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the connections between the CIA and Israel with the so-called enemies of America are exposed in an uncensored interview with Wa…

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sometimes sex can be a cause, no wonder freud had lots of problems dissolving the jewish handicap / Dash = ISIS = Washington = Israel = the triangular empire ::::::   london – new york – Jerusalem "the axes of evil" .  how to kill children ask ISRAEL they know how…. they the best killers of children on this planet. Ask president OBAMA he is the one, today that contributes to the killing of children’s worldwide. America and Israel share same principle, same moral, same money, same killings:  reason why they love to kill children’s specially American’s, so far they are doing great in America and hope to keep killing children as OBAMA tears have confirmed the nation, the killing must go on specially innocent decent folks. so beware america is a police criminal state as is israel reason why they do have the same principles the same morals and the same fake democracy. 

See on Scoop.itartkey the alternative search engine


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