Vidéo de la conférence de Norman Palma : ” La guerre des Amériques “

Pour comprendre le passé et le présent de l’Amérique latine, il faut comprendre que ce continent est passé d’une domination à l’autre. De l’empire (…)

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image 9/11: a war ::  the president say’s "1%’  "we are under attack"  the 99% reacts and respond:  responds "nuke them" the 1% does what the 99% has said, now invert the issue peace, gun control, congress laws anything" the 1% dictates the laws the 99% "thinks the laws and can ? The laws however: to be democratic dialogue is essential. Therefore the 99% talks to the 1% government, then the press records facts of both sides, and the answer should be fair, as the 99% participated and the 1% acknowledge their reasoning. Facts & logic prevail. For a reasonable dialogue. The 99% represent a unity, the 1% represent a unity. how to determine the 1% the 99% might ask, as well the 1% could say how those 99% dare question the 1%. Together they are 100%, while separated they dismember each other’s. The 1% dilutes and the 99% disperse itself. Water is the fulcrum of the solution, the water is fluid and is always a part of any dialogue. Starting with water, we all drink water that is our 100%. Water can be clean improved saved and be use as a commodity a busyness a rent. Water and money have similarities as well, it dilutes it changes hands it evaporates it rebirth is always in movement like water.  the 1% dialogues its transactions, in war & peace. The 99% fights the wars, and gives reason to the 1% to exist. Water is as well present on the battlefield as on the dinner table of the 1% and the 99%. As water evaporates age comes into play, and age is just like water, it heats up and evolves into different forms of itself and them it evaporates. Heat is often call energy and the proper use and distribution of energy can be a quality. Therefore the 1% can be determined by quality, rather than marketing. The idea that humans evolve by dispersing themselves between quantities is false, quality is what sculpts the image on the loops of time, alike water. 

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