Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal – YouTube

PeneTRUTH is my attempt to post for You my collection of good videos & helpful informations about the hidden ‘Hands’ that architect our ‘History’ & manipulat…

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

how to destroy europe and america ask BHL, after 2011 libya jewish israeli mess:  america has become its endless decline and AIPAC as well. crimes is increasing decrees of police state in america and europe refugees.  and not mentioning the french nation ask bretagne, and terrorism "paris elsewhere refugees, rapes " all this is made by BHL sponsored by israel. however BHL is the best friend of the French government, so how to fight terrorism ask BHL he knows how.  (BHL french philosopher best friend of french president). 

See on Scoop.itartkey the alternative search engine


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