The Elite Are Taking Us On An Express Elevator To Hell | THE FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON BLOG

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this is just testing get ready for hurricanes tornadoes crimes etc: BERNIE be aware: well Bernie what are you going to do about israel we all know 1967 borders for israel is not negotiable, so are you going to insist in the impossible or accept the laws of nature 1967 borders for israel, so you can have peace. Bernie everything is related so until 1967 borders for israel, everything will go wrong for america, the economy crimes, you named is coming, winter storm is just aperitives, what’s coming will make your hair grow..!! so think clearly..!!  regardless who is president of any nation on this planet, including russia and china. you Know father nature is not happy with israel the nation without borders.  is your turn to act.!! before yellowstone blows up.

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