The Petrodollar | War Machine

The Petrodollar & War machine. Ever wondered what the Petrodollar is? Ever wondered why we invaded Iraq? Ever wondered why we ‘helped’ the people in Libya bu…

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it is AIPAC america washington that is creating racial wars so white & black americans, europeans, chinese, "jews" everywhere will destroy each other’s albert pike was a warning to america of what the rothschild empire will do to the human race, AIPAC 1913, they invaded iraq libya BHL french philosopher that works for AIPAC: and the other monsters of france and elsewhere to have what you call today refugees, it all begun in 1990 then 2001, and today 2016: with bush hitler’s best friend, as today OBAMA’s legacy is HITLER’S dream. so america it is you your government that is destroying the human race and eliminating whites as well blacks all over the planet for the benefit of the grand israel. so you lot act now NATO-OTAN is HITLER’S ARMY. even if you believe otherwise.

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