‘We need to do everything to avert major war’ – Russian Patriarch Kirill to RT

A new clash of world powers should be prevented at all costs, Russian Orthodox Church head Patriarch Kirill said in an exclusive interview with RT America’s Ed Schultz, stressing that both Russia and the US must do “everything possible” to improve relations.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.rt.com

you got a Jewish Zionist problem, they are the main cause of the world’s ills and woes, Zionist is to Jews what slaves were to Americans in the 1800. Jews are the slaves of Zionism, they are used for dubious purposes, the holocaust industry well analyzed can clear up your perception of how this insane relationship between Jews Christians and Zionism takes place. Israel Palestinians is just a fight for land territory, the problem in Europe is mental ideological. The Zionist ideologies used Jews to create a guilty feeling amongst Europeans, the holocaust and the shoal are the means of extortion. Bankers & industrialist are the Zionist that created this holocaust industry ideologies, coerce governments in Europe and the Americas to obey the Zionist dogma. The multinationals which serve them as official propaganda to achieve their aims. So you got the EU a dominated Zionist realm, Hollywood Washington, wall street, financial city of London.  and most media worldwide, they promote the ideology that has poison Europe and the Americas since 1913. However, the system capitalist Zionist economical system has collapse, reason why you are close to a world war. The answer is honesty, have the French government the Americans the Europeans to become honest, and not servants of money. Get the Christian and orthodox, protestant and the lot together and force Israel to return to the 1967 borders, have Europe exit NATO-OTAN, and the dollar as global reserve currency which both are Zionist inventions. Once that done a new system resurface and peace will be tangible.  

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