Attempts to unite Europe without Russia ended in tragedies – Lavrov

Western attempts to exclude Russia from shaping European and global affairs have led to countless historical tragedies over the centuries, according to Moscow’s foreign minister, who added lasting stability can only be reached through cooperation.

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we all know that from more than 2000 years ago, europe will alway be incomplete without russia, is incoherent, washington is the suicide nation that hopes to destroy itself and its citizens for the sake of a fictional israel. one example is France britain germany going from bad to worse and soon a european civil war and perhaps even a collective suicide. the new surreal iron curtain created by NATO to protect russia is a solid proof of this washington insanity. Trump and the super tuesday resembles more to a french 2012 elections marine le pen UMP PS than an american election so you do now have an idea of the insanity of this wizards of wall street and washington.

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