PressTV-Debate: EU’s response to refugee crisis


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“What is intelligence collecting” for some is in Venus, while for others is in surveillance. Two worlds apart. Therefore what really is intelligence? Before we start understanding, what is the purpose of gathering? Gathering on the 99% “if they are eventually below the 1%, what can you gather from them, when the 1% are supposed to be the rulers and 99% the servants. Unless there is fear, and fear is indeed a sensation of not knowing, understanding or not even sensing the reality that you are meant to sense and understand. Madness is related to a decrease of gravitational waves on the individual, mental disturbance are all related to positioning. The mind loses contact with the ground, robotic arms are just connections between gravitational waves and a particular positioning, the robotic arm in this case. Intelligence gathering in this context is mostly the circle of the event rather than a particular positioning.

Reason is related to positioning on the gravitational field of the unity of body & mind, technology is just a tool that can enhance reason and disturb the gravitational positioning to an inexperienced or imprudent mind, consequently intelligence becomes essential as technology evolves. A work of art is a tool, just as a fighter plane it just operates on a different gravitational field to the mind, and here intelligence is even more demanding to the individual than on the preceding situation. Therefore the higher art is the 1%, which constructed the pyramid, the 99% just enjoy the colors, shapes and forms of the new arrangement of the whole.

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