40-year-old prediction confirmed: First direct proof of Hofstadter butterfly fractal observed in moire superlattices

A team of researchers from Columbia University, City University of New York, the University of Central Florida (UCF), and Tohoku University and the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan, have directly observed …

Sourced through Scoop.it from: phys.org

German scientists invent working teleporter, of sorts: water is the problem however transporting a solid object does not have the electrons in the same configuration than water, someone can beam down to earth on a non waterlike form, them recreate itself as it lands on the planet “earth” transporting a human sounds complicated. reason why water being 80% of the human body. only 20% remains. transported from above to below. a 20% water electrons content ‘human body’ (reincarnates) as it absorbs the 80% of water and his 20% makes in a living human. time in this respect changes in relation to a linear realm.  

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