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to improve the minds of the whole society requires cooperation and insight, true the dollar as reserve currency must go, I have proposed the Bren25% silver as new global currency. However, for any change to take place the minds must follow and main media propaganda controls our realm, therefore the main media will have to cooperate and adapt, to what the new world is. Investors will have to think and operate differently investment today is profit, that will have to change, investment should be for the benefit of society, and this requires that the investor puts his money into the idea of the inventor, into the purpose of the artist, into the society, not expecting a direct economical profit. The current mindset of investment finances is profit “money”, that logic is unproductive today, it must change. The mindset of the 1830 industrial revolution is no longer valid as we all experience. And that is the change that the classic capitalism must endure. 1967 borders for Israel is unavoidable as there is a need to annex minds globally to the new world and that is impossible as long Israel keeps expanding. 1967 borders for Israel will bring terrorism to an end and consolidate the Arab world and avoid ww3. To achieve this mental change as it is mentality that is faulty ideologies minds logic and reasoning, must follow this several steps. My position is of an artist I am not searching for post as director government of any sort, however I do know how to fix the broken world, as explained above, I am not the one executing or ruling anyone. The reason I bring art is because art is the link to the mind art Is immaterial spiritual, magical it exists as ether for music and as imagination mind perception and cognition as plastic arts and writing art. Therefore, art must become dominant, to achieve this I have propose my artwork as starting point, not absolute solution. Details of how “economically” I do keep for myself for now, the how: a global effect taken as minds reflect on a different logical base, visually sensually inverting the current selfish egoism survival performance of our current social behavior, understanding the upside-down position of the deity the inverted dogma. The new dogma inverts itself into the proper position which begins with art as the ancient times & vision mind. The dogma is the history of the artwork on the walls of Lascaux.

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