Palestinian terror group launches dramatic video after IDF killing of injured stabber

A few drops of blood is just what tunnel fighters of the terror group Palestinian Islamic Jihad need to make them work harder, according to a new video. The dramatic footage is aimed at avenging the shooting death of a wounded Palestinian by an IDF soldier.

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Mr. Macron hope by now you have acknowledged that Charles de Gaulle was the last intelligent president of France he died in 1969, and J F KENNEDY was the last intelligent American president he was assassinated in 1963. From that particular date every American president has being a string of unbecoming presidents. In France you got an exact copy of the same reality. In 1967 the Israeli war, the Vietnam war; in 1973 the dollar became the global reserve currency. In France you got the Rothschild’s law 1973. From those days on the planet has degenerated and idiocy overpowers reason today the occident closer to disappearance, citizens have gone from intelligent to uneducated folks from bliss to barbarism. The occident will very well disappear by the designed intrigue. Very little chance that the next American president will be better than the last one and the same for any nation of the western domain. This degradation has a copycat the dollar as reserve currency and Israel 1967 borders. Using your intelligence, you will find the why and the solution to the problem.

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