Propos de George Steiner en 1981

Je n’ai pu lire, ni même consulter, le livre de George Steiner Le Transport de A.H. Mais cette intervention dans l’émission de télévision (…)

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To understand Hitler’s mind, the only way is to ask him, to understand lord Balfour mind we have to ask him, he must be honest however he must be in command of his mind to be able to honestly respond. There is not exceptional people or chosen people there are chosen individuals, not the chosen societies. Public is different, better say evolving privileged society, the individual outshines the many as he himself evolve. What takes place is the excellence of an individual amongst the many the lot. Hitler might have understood the American Israel versus the middle eastern Israel he might not? We do not know. We can only perceive the results, the facts of the now our current reality which is link to the past holocaust in this situation. Hitler holocaust gave birth to Israel. Here we have death and renaissance two opposites of reality. the same took place 175 million years ago with holocaust of the dinosaurs. We do not know what dogma the dinosaurs monitor but we understand the results us humans today. Have in mind we are in 2016. A society whose dogma resembles the T rex is doom to fail.

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