Roger Waters endorses BDS and speaks against Israeli anti-boycott law

Roger Waters supports those who will publicly declare their disregard of new Israeli anti-boycott law. Please support and promote Palestinian rights b

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In 1776, probably 5% of the American population had the knowledge and possibility of read & write in relation to the English language. Imagine Europe in 1066. No Facebook, neither I put. Difficult times to have consensus however, global communication became a priority. The industrial revolution was the chance for global communication, certainly greed and busyness, schemes and ideologies played a part, as logic reason and psychology hints: that was the price that technology asked for. Technology delivered, now the greed the busyness and the ideologies retreats, 2016 a lot simpler than 1776 on what communication is linked, therefore good honest thoughts can now be displayed without fear, no longer need of surveillance or hidden cameras, minds can express themselves freely. The quest now is appreciative if you like.

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