‘Goebbels had less-biased articles’: Public slams MSM for Putin focus after Panama papers leak

The world’s media has been pointing at one person following a massive documents leak from a Panama law firm. But that person, President Vladimir Putin, wasn’t even mentioned in the data leak. Sections of the public are not happy at the media coverage.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.rt.com

the media: however, what is public opinion? does it matter? not mentioning America is not mentioned, a sort of holding information? Perhaps is a public opinion test. Not mentioning Washington gives it a different meaning as is unproductive, it adds to the? it also divides. On the other hand, alternative media as public opinion spirits stay inert, the new alternative main media wiki leak’s dominates as the accepted alternative news accepted by the establishment.

See on Scoop.itartkey the alternative search engine

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