Police arrest 400 at U.S. Capitol in protest of money in politics

Police arrested more than 400 protesters outside the U.S. Capitol on Monday from Democracy Spring, an organization seeking to remove big money from politics and combat restrictive voter identification laws.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.reuters.com

Time as a functioning society There is a curious overlap of road map functioning, a sort of world reunion with a time travelling flavor on one end protest about democracy freedom and here is where the past resurfaces, as the global protest are all link to each other’s, however globally and often automatically, by chance. on the other hand, we got the globalize realm on a cross reality mix with the past, (1776) democracy, panama papers, surveillance terrorism, rich & poor, taxes heavens, wars. Globalization places the solution of Washington in Paris, 1770. The problem of Europe is NATO which happens to be in Washington’s control 2016. Washington’s is controlled by AIPAC, Banks, wall street, lobby’s, billionaires 1%. Though, all the protest is about this particular owners 1% of the nation. from Paris to Washington the same sentiment of justice democracy. Simply the American protesters will never achieve a positive result, neither those in Europe, because the solution is across the ocean for the population, their minds have a crisscross perception, dissolving any attempt of evolution, the protesters cannot defeat their oppressors alone, they need each other’s same as 1770, as tactics, 2016 as means. Washington solution for democracy is in Paris as Europe’s liberty from “Lobby’s, AIPAC, wall street, banks, sanctions, billionaires and 1% Americans is in Washington. This crisscross reality is the historical time difference which somehow it continues to exist and modifies reality, history corrects the humans mistakes automatically by technological means. Technology is a product of history as time. Having total control of the group living minds can be attempted by propaganda technology however, history overlaps any control as attempts are made to control the living history upturns the present. It also reveals the global means of communication. Very little difference from the tea party. However, George Washington is coming to a tamper-proof in 1776.1666.

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