Trump veut que Washington reconnaisse Jérusalem comme la capitale d’Israël

La démocrate Hillary Clinton et son rival républicain Donald Trump se sont affrontés devant le puissant lobby juif américain Aipac. Trump n’a pas hésité à affirmer vouloir faire de Jérusalem la capitale d’Israël.

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he wants that to happen so the 1% keeps ruling, however he says the opposite, so you believe he is protecting you. simple is divide and conquer, however is done from a distance, europeans are marionettes of AIPAC as bill clinton is a marionette of AIPAC. your problem is AIPAC a manufactured ideology combined by wars, it begun in 1913 and today you are close to ww3. only option dismantle AIPAC and save the world. there is no other choice otherwise antisemitism will eat you up like a wild boar. language has being manipulated to confuse meanings. in europe and america. save america dismantle AIPAC. even trump must bend to the AIPAC kings. reason why the 99% are slaves of AIPAC which is the 1%. there is no other solution.

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