Algemeiner JEWISH 100 Gala, 2016: Bernard-Henri Lévy accepts Warrior for Truth Award

Famed French philosopher and humanitarian Bernard-Henri Lévy received The Algemeiner’s Warrior for Truth Award at the newspaper’s 3rd annual JEWISH 10

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 the way out is end of AIPAC Crif, in britain, in france etc, this melange jews religion holocaust and capitalism does not work, that is the reason for the collapse and corruption. AIPAC and alcapone are no different. AIPAC uses jews and holocaust as blackmail, the same takes place with other religions on a smaller scale worldwide, the system is totally corrupted by those AIPAC boys and they believe hollywood and mainmedia will rule the planet. they are wrong. what you get is total chaos and confusion isis is in fact a product of AIPAC religious jewish manipulation as is israel nazi regime, wars and confusion, crimes and desolation. this religious lobbies have to be dismantle and let them exist apart from government and banks, if you want to continue a path of civilizing minds.

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