Le Golan occupé “restera pour toujours dans les mains d’Israël”, selon Netanyahu

Le Premier ministre israélien refuse fermement que le Golan, occupé par l’État hébreu depuis 1967 sans reconnaissance internationale, redevienne un jour Syrien
Le Premier ministr

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.sudouest.fr


golan heights: BIBI are you certain/ i would not predict anything if i were in your shoes. beware : the sword of nature can be very nasty. and when it swings it does a lot of damage ask the japonese they know about it. and soon california state they will tell you more deep facts. the sword of nature can put israel underwater and problem solve:: end of the bible israel. i would be modest and do not excite something that you cannot control.neither vanquish. this are not f35 or some other american weapons junk: , or some other thing: you do not have any idea who you are dealing with “modesty for your own safety” forget NORAD or laser beans. be careful .

See on Scoop.itartkey the alternative search engine


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