Stephen Hawking – Black Hole Time Travel

Stephen Hawking explains how we could use the extreme gravity of a black hole to travel to the future. Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking – Time Trave

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To Understand 1984 and Israel have a look at animal farm by the same author. Anti-Semitism existed to the many, how the many Jews could have been manipulated brainwashed, and mislead could have prime Jews to behave in ways against their own inner nature and the consequences might be anti-Semites. However, if these Jews were unaware of how they are manipulated, they could act behave and respond not quite in relation to nature but to their master’s package. In animal farms book by Orwell’s there are masters as there are servants amongst the animals of the farm. The farmer unaware of the realm understand the issue a long while later. However, he can do little until he understands how he himself behaved to the animals of his own farm. 1984 Huxley DE Gaulle 1967 – 2016 : and Israel 1967 borders, NATO -OTAN, gold standards; shows these fellows insight, to them it was easy to imagine, the Vietnam war, the internet, of the modern world of today. In fact, Orwell’s 1984 it is G W Bush bible since 2001. It is the time travel into time & space that remains hiding. Einstein’s theories reach the other rims of the universe and stop. As professor Stephen hawking’s said there could be other parallel universes. Perhaps with a different time & space than ours in which case Einstein relativity ends at the rims of the universe or the solar system. Could be that this is what is called extraterrestrial intelligence life. Elements at a different space & time than ours.

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