Russia’s Military Capability 2015: Anti-Aircraft Weapons – S-400, S-350E, S-300, Pantsir-S1

Russia’s Military Capability: Anti-Aircraft Weapons – S-400, S-350E, S-300, Pantsir-S1, Buk-M2, S-125 NO RE-UPLOAD, NO REUSE

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Just problems of the 19th century capitalism new barons, on the social-capitalism, of the 21th century; in the 21 century new barons are limited in wealth, very large fortunes are counterproductive for Barons of the past 200 years, as reason technology appears is the answer. And the wealthy barons of the X century certainly would agree. Limiting personal family wealth to 100 million euros-£ is quite reasonable. It avoids taxes persecutions and off shore banking transactions, workers understand the limit as their masters. No point on the fortune 500 when a nation is impoverished on these new barons of the past 200 years and their yearnings of being kings that we all know is unfeasible.

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