‘Largest single pledge in history’: US may increase military aid to Israel

The White House has signaled readiness to boost military aid to Israel to a historic high, after a letter signed by 83 Senators advocated for the increase. Aid to Israel currently accounts for more than half the total US military aid budget.

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Under the current aid arrangement, Israel receives $3.1 billion a year – almost 53 percent of the $5.9 billion, as long as they are dollars is ok, however keep your rubles euros or whatever dump the dollar. this is just a israel FED affair. Capitalism is essentially the investment of money in the expectation of making a profit, and huge profits could be made at some considerable risk by long-distance trading ventures of this kind. “reference” James Fulcher. Capitalism is as well a tool on the human evolution, capitalism is distribution & production the coin is the fulcrum.1066, Shakespeare, capitalism: merchant, merchandise, location, Venice not Rome. and the northern gods. capitalism is just a tool, looks Jews helped to organize and distribute goods, ideas technology which became the crisscross of different ideologies, the blend of adversities became favorable to the progress of technology; however, some slip up and became greedy, correction eventually appeared and knowledge and unrestrained wealth begun their battle of wealth to achieve power by a fulcrum. Technology accelerated as the controversies developed. must remember in 1776 10% of the population knew how to read and write. However, 2016 offers new possibilities such as technology, and technology is the same as capitalism a tool on the human evolution, and as we evolve capitalism restructures itself to the pace of technology this phenomenon triggers a fundamental change on the functioning of the investment of money in the expectation of making a profit. Technology demands a different approach regarding the investment of money in the expectation of making a profit, due to the acceleration of technology the demands of technology are mostly psychological spiritual, rather than mechanical therefore billionaires are no longer needed, as capital to invest for profit evolves, as the very, very rich & famous are strip off automatically by technology, the spiritual mind evolves. You might call this event the missing link between technology and the capitalist system, however fact is that technology has upturn the relationship between wealth, mind, power and existence, it has levelled the disparities between the living organism and its manufactured tools. And technology forces the living organism to a mental spiritual research a pursue that now the industrialized tools can’t no longer supply, therefore is the minds time. the old kingdoms had the heavens as their guidance same as the pyramids for the ancient pharaohs’.

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One thought on “‘Largest single pledge in history’: US may increase military aid to Israel

  1. Israhell is an apartheid regime murdering innocents, stealing land, and destroying Arab culture. So glad I left the US of Constant Wars to live in a peaceful country. I refuse to support a govt. that murders and it hell bent on destroying life in the name of the greedmasters. Vote Green.

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