Discurso de Don Rómulo Betancourt en su Regreso del Exilio 1958

Ante la población euforica, y miembros del partido Acción Democrática, el Padre de la Democracia se dirige con un mensaje amplio de unidad, respeto

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

VENEZUELA: CHINA; RUSSIA, INDIA, best ecological way to curb toxic waste. what gives value to a currency, “petrol” however gold, moreover knowledge. so time to nationalize all resources make your decision of no longer accepting any dollars for exchange of anything and print money to recycle goods. therefore, the value of the currency is its petrol gold value underground. the river of gold. as the Islamic say. “problem solved” gold coins. exit dollar now dump the toilet paper, exit IMF, forget wall street, …!! act now…!!! china and Russia are on the list better join forces…!! dump; dump, total halt of trade in $. any other currency “could be accepted that has gold reserves” cop21: best ecological way to curb toxic waste.

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