George H W Bush Announces War Against Iraq (January 16 1991)

As I report to you, air attacks are underway against military targets in Iraq. We are determined to knock out Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb potential. W

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BS iran iraq war, rumsfeld 1980, after israel attacked iraq. facts, same as liberty spy ship 1967 war. today isis, same plot same players israel etc: corbyn is AIPAC however that does not answer the ? how technology created or better say brought to life DE Gaulle as your current technological big Brother is a question to ask? as you will have to follow his words, is unavoidable, written on the stone since 1967. France exit NATO, BACK to gold, and Israel 1967 borders. Huxley and Orwell’s DE Gaulle they could have known each other, and plan the event? somehow can be logical However from 1933 to 2016 the length of time is considerable, technology is the means and time something that remains a? time and timing. how it works as an absolute, inside here out there and the dimensions we do not perceive.

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