Access : |[lsquo]|Les m|[eacute]|dias, c|[rsquo]|est moi.|[rsquo]| President Sarkozy and news media management : French Politics

The aim of French Politics is to produce an international, peer-reviewed journal of the highest quality that will promote the study of contemporary and comparative French politics, policy and society. The journal focuses on the role of political institutions, political behaviour, public policy, political economy, international relations, public administration and public law as they relate to France. It particularly encourages and welcomes submissions that seek to incorporate the French case into more broad comparative and cross-national analyses, and that use the French case in theory-testing and theory building.

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britain is finally shaking up the evil empire of AIPAC, zionist jewish empire: and the only way to defeat this zionist is with the help of muslims. AIPAC, hollywood bankers, jewish financiers, main media, trump G W BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA are all together HALLIBURTON etc, the thing is you people believe the news, which exist to divert create dreams. trump theatrical show is based on sarkozy the french president of 2007, friend of G W BUSH, you have no candidate no elections just an illusion and money laundering. you are F__ck for ever with a boot on your faces.

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