Pope Francis Calls For A One World Race

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wake up ALEX leave the pope alone grow up: wake up, here is an example of what a real president candidate would have said. My fellow Americans we have a problem in Our nation and is called corporate multinationals, and a $ global reserve currency that is controlled by our FED, the FED is on the hands of AIPAC, not at the service of the nation but private banks and corporations. which is a conglomerate of Jewish bankers and financiers, these bankers and financiers are as well a multinational with all other Jewish bankers worldwide. They control all the media globally, Hollywood the congress senate and the military complex as well wall street Europe Australia south America japan, and all third world nations. In fact, the global Anglo-Saxon financial system, with the exception of Iran, Russia and china. All the difficulties we have is because of these multinational and the control they have over all of us. The white house, the government, congress and the senate are as well impotent in face of this power. However, democracy offer us an opportunity and that is the people behind one man. For this to take place and become a reality it is you the people that can make it happen as our late president said it is not what America can do for you but what you can do for America. The Israeli lobby and the existence of Israel must be curb Israel must return to its 1967 borders which will give us a breathing space against the psychological propaganda that the media multinationals forces upon us. Democracy is a contract between one man and its citizens as without you, the me “president” cannot do anything, the entirety of the nation must follow in order to achieve our total liberty from these organizations that took existence in 1913 on what the 20th century is concern. Hope this is clear and it is us together that can mend this problem as divided we will remain under the hands of these multinationals.

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