Fake news or real news/ JCPOA, which is backed by United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 vs United Nations Resolution 242 and is an international document. Israel to withdraw from the territories conquered in 1967.

main media & social networks? Facebook, they solidify your mind your thinking? Main media brainwashes. Facebook solidifies that brainwash, so you think the way main media wants. Facebook laws of conduct is to put aside anyone that happens to think. Any other sheep is there to consume and not think, kind of internet surveillance. Since Facebook has lots of users means lots of faces on the book.

British Royal Family to Boycott World Cup in Russia – World –

MOSCOW — Britain’s retaliation against Russia in their spy-poisoning brawl includes a small but symbolic slap: No ministers or members of the royal family will attend the World Cup this summer.

Source: British Royal Family to Boycott World Cup in Russia – World –

ROYALS declare war on Football, so far is Eaton wall that remains.

Will Russia ‘go away and shut up’ as London suggests?

Gavin Williamson, the Secretary of Defence, urged Russia to “go away and shut up” when asked how the Kremlin should respond to London’d decision to expel 23 Russian diplomats

Source: Will Russia ‘go away and shut up’ as London suggests?

you can impose a no fly zone for foreign craft globally. it does not isolate russia it just means they need your accord to enter. are they going to ban your citizens from entering europe. they will not. therefore they NATO becomes the IRON curtain by default

Britain’s presumption of guilt towards Russia invites conflict and chaos — RT Op-ed

Britain’s abandonment of due process has taken a dangerous and reckless leap, with Theresa May declaring economic sanctions and diplomatic expulsions for Russia’s “failure” to respond to allegations over the Skripal poisoning.

Source: Britain’s presumption of guilt towards Russia invites conflict and chaos — RT Op-ed

(3) Quantum Blockchain: How Physicists Will Stage a Cryptoworld IT Revolution – YouTube

Banned from Facebook could be computer error, or human error. However, there could be other reasons.: Facebook does not change the future neither the present. If your activity is dependent on Facebook follow their rules. But reality is not dependent on Facebook.

the Facebook laws could also mean a change, on the low level is networks war, google vs Facebook, twitter, etc. on the other hand is a way to understand a mental placebo, the banning pill. The pill could reveal some things such as reality is unrelated to technology for instance.  And how and what is the capacity of human energy among themselves, what is the reality of the users, as how that reality comes into conclusion. Reality is what happens, not what the press say’s or any network or commentaries, understanding the complex of a global reality, is probably the best way to exist.  However, on the scientific side metaphysical events often exist for a purpose, a hint.

Looking back at the pebbles when you entered the forest and return home. On the quantic level, computers could communicate amongst themselves, however only when the computer is turn on. As it is the electrical energy and temperature that wakes them.  Having a Facebook, Google, etc.; community is no different than a quantum photons computer society understanding themselves, and us. Perhaps quantum physics is no different than a modern telephone on a different dimension.