quatr art

The Qatar land of art

In some conditions in others is just magic & reality.

The artistic touch as art being most of the time considered rational on the materialistic sense, however as it is mix with the unknown the material, questions itself. Indeed art is the element that complements the words, the ideas thoughts and expressions, a painting is the visual translation of a poem, or a musical composition, art itself is the many individual arts as a whole that represents solitary as a whole.

Technology is just the material visual editor, not the creator.

You-tube & daily motion is only the means of expanding a message it is not the message itself, the message is on understanding the concept, its form and amplitude. Its value is entirely on the context the relationship of image and sound words and context and the wisdom of the essayist. If he does understand the complete can he can be directed in the most agreeable way towards its completion.

This is the reason why art as a whole expresses pleasure. Is a limited space as a mathematical equation that expands as it’s encompass

Mind over matter:

complex however; how something is interpreted and them assimilated to a new context, is different that, repeating an interpretation, computer users act and react to an stimulus, what this stimulus is when it is outside of the  web is reality, telepathy is invisible communication to a physical realm.  The web is somehow virtual, however by the web material events can be prevented, as the web is just a very large phone. Where all are communicated, the next step is what this virtual realm transform into a material realm. For instance a painting & a poem, a novel or a play arts in general is no different than the web. As the web is as well imagination, the painting the chorus the musical tones are a creation of the imagination, the tools are just the process of technology. And the game is to have this imagination materialize.

The perfect weapon for peace “a painting

Art weapons are cheaper healthier and life giving, they hang on your living room, on your bedroom, they take little space and evolve in time, and they are the consciousness of history as it evolves. it enhances your senses, your body & mind and are quite useful for elite’s conversations: it is also a market “weapons market”. Art Weapons are simple, easy no planning, no worry.  You look at the painting think – reflect and the thought is automatically materialize.  However they have a control center. It is exclusively defensive. But faster than the speed of light. It does not operate on a target but its components circumstances and balances. In other words it destroys the aggressor if any.

The art coin

The chosen people the chosen race:

The arts & Qatar

The Qatar is a region on the middle east today pictured of arts and media, the Qatar is an expanse were war games are often conducted, it seems it is Iran the cause of all this military activity, terrorism, democracy, nuclear bombs and other nasty gremlins that disturb the singing birds, the fish and the fauna.  Petrol-gas another gift of nature as well as the surrounding nations, have petrol and gas as well, fauna and flora, some even analogous to south Arabia, have rivers and museums of art.  And Bahrain another open paradise. Iran the evil doer wants that oil; the way of life; it is said by those nations, peoples and thought’s, ideas and ideologies to preserve time; that apparently is vanishing, that gift of nature “petrol & gas”  to protect Qatar is to protect ourselves and the gift of nature. However the empire’s  aspirations: is still in place, it does exist, the cultural Qatar Empire is on the making; and the realm is almost complete; and shall be as we get the masterpiece.


You shall keep your empire as promised. As the empire of those nations that protect you is a lot greater than the evil Iran, and other gremlins’ on the way, that keep  and keep telling you, and advising you that the sale of mostly new modern weapons shall protect you as fast as light. To you the purchase will bring you safety, simply protection against evil minds.

Can you imagine what would happen to the planet if oil stops flowing? What would happen to all those weapons? Those cars and airplanes, boats and champagne.  The planet would collapse of boredom; financiers and economist will tell you, banks and financiers will go mad; end cry out load “saves us saves us” we must sale and buy oil to survive.  As is the way of live technology, and time.  As technology goes, illusions appears.  Is often on the mind, or is just the image of my mind.

Life will evolve banks and civilization will enhance titles will multiply. All shall approve, as financiers demonstrate and protect publicize as facts. It, shall bring you luxury goods and figures to the eyes of the monarchs.

Liberating the peninsula from hedge funds ideologies base on virtual profits of limited space dictated from a system that no-one understand; an upside down-colonialist & financial arrangement that agree to protect you, while it destroys you. It cannot help culture as cultural, the pyramids of Egypt to culture and today.  Those funds are exclusively directed to protective weapons, not art and evolution, in consequence the draining of resources, damages the art’s, its essence and realm.

The action to take is to embrace culture as a whole and forget the rest, becoming the land without weapons, the land of a king’s of minds and a martyr of the supreme realms of an art.

Eventually imagination can bring peace, convey peace to the land, to the mind and the sea. This money investing associations that always promises a gain as weapons; enslaves you and them subjugates you via the weapons wealth, to a system, a structure of reasoning and qualifying. The organism has enslaved them as it has enslaved you. They have become wars machines, amongst themselves as they eliminate each other’s, nowhere to be safe, as nowhere to hide, from drones, to electronic tapping’s GMO, and hurricanes!  Freedom! From all those problems and freedom to your hart, your mind and your people is what the world of fast cars can bring now on this 21 century.



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