Anti-Semitism: Why Does It Exist? And Why Does it Persist?

Anti-Semitism: Why Does It Exist? And Why Does it Persist

Anti-Semitism: Why Does It Exist? And Why Does it Persist?.

Jesus: to my view Jesus was just a bright man that understood reality of his time. Jesus somehow did not agreed with the Jewish religious leaders of his time, neither with the colonialist from Rome, the divergence it looks was quite deep between the rabbi’s and his thoughts, so what he did create a civil war as consequence, not intentionally I believe. This civil war between the Jews themselves leads to the destruction of Israel, as well the destruction of the Roman Empire; these civil wars are no different than the ones in Ukraine today. This religious rift between Jesus Jews and rabbi Jews is what Europe often has experience in the past and experiences it now.   Reason why medieval kings where force to kick out rabbi Jews of their kingdoms, to have a peaceful realm and avoid another collapse Roman style on their own kingdom; which is also what rabbi Jews use as excuse to put themselves as martyrs to outdo the Jesus Jews, as you can understand this is a Jews wars amongst themselves for supremacy. The Muslims religion is just collateral damage between Jesus Jews and rabbi Jews. The crusades are to return the Middle East to the Jesus Jews which are at the same time rabbi Jews. Lion hart king of England liberated Jerusalem the holy city, “holy land” “Jesus Jews and Rabbi Jews domain”

 In ancient times this confusion created such a mess on the Roman empire that the Romans has to end up adopting the Jesus Jews version of the story, and put aside the other rabbi Jews; this made the relationship Jesus Jews and rabbi Jews friendly enemies; the rulers of each side became friends while the believers fought and created chaos; divide to conquer if you like! Between the two of them will control the masses as well the rulers, reason why kings somehow where the link to god, “the church, Jesus Jews”.  (Rabbi Side, the counter punch of oppression) This civil war was Jesus Jews against Rabbi Jews; in the end such a chaos that Rome lost control of the whole thing, somehow this outcome of confusion keep the rabbi Jews in control of the economy, and the Jesus Jews in control of the spirit, however the Jesus Jews had an overhand because Europe was a multi-god realm, not a one god one voice of reality, and the Jesus Jews where more popular than the rabbi Jews. When Jesus he mentioned Israel, he did not meant the current Israel of his time ruled by the current religious leaders (rabbi) but a new Israel, an imaginary one, one that will have excluded this religious leaders, and more equal and just, however he knew that his cause will be practically unattainable at the time he as well wanted this new imaginary Israel on different rules of the current rabbi’s; the ruling rabbis certainly disagreed.  

After the French revolution them, the rabbi Jews took over this scheme, this Jesus dream and transformed into what you call the current Israel; the Israel of today, reason why you got Christian Zionist, and Christian Jews on one side of ISRAEL.  This French and American Revolution, as well allow some rabbi Jews to take over the economical side of Europe, as by eliminating the nobility of the time “modern nobility” which has nothing to do with the nobles of the Middle Ages and before that time, eliminate the Christian Jesus Jews domination and put in place the rabbi Jews instead. This is were the world is now. Rothschild’s, Goldman sacks Jewish bankers etc.  The power of the Jesus Jews is declining, “the pope and its church” and this is what you perceive on the news of the world. Some rabbi Jews take over main media, as some Jesus Jews do the same, so somehow the Jesus Jews and the rabbi Jews are somewhat more in balance but the reverse of 1776-17789, is now on the favor of the rabbi Jews. The future is quite a different thing, which is probably the end of this Jews internal rift to “divide and conquer” the old nobility’s resurface and the “modern nobility ends” modern nobility begun in 1550 up to today


Peter Joseph – When Normality Becomes Distortion – YouTube

Peter Joseph – When Normality Becomes Distortion – YouTube.

As perception requires a readjustment, the mind which is programmed to react on a  pre-programmed conceptual fashion, the mind does not actually understand reality but rather justifies it. therefore on a realm where reality is not actually perceive but rather thought of, facts certainly become facts and what the mind has perceive as real becomes a fiction; reason why science fiction often becomes reality.  this half real world in which humans exist becomes a land of struggle between what is imprinted on the mind and what is actually there, in fact minds often miss what is actually there but rather perceive what is memorize  construct, reason and justified. once that justification is taken as facts the mind construct it as truth, meanwhile truth is far away from the minds concept. concepts somehow are modified and reconstruct into new answers to old concepts; however they are only an illusion from what facts are as the new concepts are just a repulsion of the previous one, such as faith and atheism, sexuality and homo sexuality, the mind rather than find truth finds a paradox of that truth, such as god and evil, evil being the opposite of god, and vice-verse. reality in fact is a whole an eternal now, by which from atoms we became to atoms we transform, or from dust to form and from form to dust. however what is real is not the transformation from one form to another but rather the timeless essence. we can say hypothetically that it is the dark matter the  plateau of  balance that exist where all we happen to know rest upon. meaning that what keeps us as one unit, what brings those small particles to unite and disperse is the dark matter on our universe, the dark matter in this context become a timeless pool table of infinite dimensions. the process to perceive this dark matter exist inside us as reality and illusions are both part of us, illusion is the search for reality and reality becomes the fact that we miss to perceive. art becomes one of the important means to perceive reality on its proper form.


VIDEO. La chanteuse Mennel reçoit insultes et des menaces de mort après avoir fait un tutoriel sur ses turbans…

Grande lot des citoyens aime la servitude, car le propos c’est de punir, les citoyens qui apprécié Mennel.  En conséquence les chiens serviles cadrent les moutons prisonniers de leurs concepts. Le résultat c’est JEANNE D’ARC 2018.


Sur Instagram, l’ancienne candidate de « The Voice » a posté un message pour dénoncer la violence de ces messages sur les réseaux sociaux. Et Youtube a du désactiver les commentaires pour sa vid

Source: VIDEO. La chanteuse Mennel reçoit insultes et des menaces de mort après avoir fait un tutoriel sur ses turbans…

Meghan Markle plus heureuse que jamais avec le prince Harry, elle se confie pour la première fois sur sa nouvelle vie | melty

the american QUEEN ready to fix the nation /somewhat expected. if you like. we all know the past has a lot to do with the present & the future.


Comblée de bonheur, Meghan Markle s’est récemment confiée sur sa nouvelle vie au côté du prince Harry. Alerte cuteness overload !

Source: Meghan Markle plus heureuse que jamais avec le prince Harry, elle se confie pour la première fois sur sa nouvelle vie | melty

Australian FM says embassy won’t move to Jerusalem, rebuffing party pressure | The Times of Israel

Good news however to save main media there are new things to talk about/ LIKE ROCK ART. everything you would like to know about the caveman paintings.

Julie Bishop also rejects calls to halt aid to Palestinian Authority over its payments to ‘martyrs,’ says all funds are audited to ensure they don’t go to terror

Source: Australian FM says embassy won’t move to Jerusalem, rebuffing party pressure | The Times of Israel

Russia dumps half of its US Treasury bonds — RT Business News

Russia has held a major selloff of US Treasury bonds, dumping some $47bn-worth of papers and momentarily dropping six places on a list of major foreign holders of US securities, recently released statistics for April have shown.

Source: Russia dumps half of its US Treasury bonds — RT Business News